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The JSMI has around twenty publications to its name including works by Ralf Dahrendorf on Democracy and the Nation State, and Robert Falkner on Adam Smith arguing that his economic philosophy was liberal and not conservative.

John Stuart Mill and Modern Liberalism

Europe or Anglosphere? British Foreign Policy Between Atlanticism and European Integration

Manuscript available soon.

The Promotion of Human Rights and Civil Liberties in England and Wales: Where Next?

Manuscript available soon.

Reforming the European Union

The 2001 Election: Long Term Lessons

The State, The Market and Social Services

Democracy Beyond the Nation State

New Democracies: Underpinned or Undermined

Britain’s European Policy

Manuscript available soon.

Freedom in the Electronic Age

Manuscript available soon.

Towards A Humane Individualism

Manuscript available soon.

A Conservative Economist? The Political Liberalism of Adam Smith Revisited

Manuscript available soon.

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